The Halson Family

We are trying to construct a genealogical tree for people with the surname Halson

Our branch is definitely traced back to Robert Halson who lived in Bridgewater, Somerset, England in 1797.

Robert Halson rather curiously left £10 in his will to "my daughter Ann" - but then left everything else, which included a pub, "The Rising Sun", to his four children, Elizabeth, Robert, William and Joseph. He died in 1812

The son, Robert had been baptised on April 21st 1797 in Bridgewater, and in 1835 he was presented with a mgnificent silver cup by "a few friends, in testimony of his independent conduct at several elections for the Borough of Bridgewater"

He had two sons: Robert and Walter.

Walter, married Mary England Brown, (born in Somerton), on September 20th 1855. He was an Officer of His Majesty's Customs. He moved to Liverpool, being recorded in the census of 1861 as living in 32 Pleasant Street in the Abercrombie Ward, and died in 1881.

On June 9th, William Robert Halson was born.

William Robert Halson had three children: Helen, Edith and Robert

Robert Halson had two sons: Geoffrey Robert, and William Stanley

William Stanley, the compiler of this narrative, has a daughter Kathryn, and two sons, Michael and Simon

In our next revision, I will add further information.


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