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Mike has worked on various magazines as contributor, subeditor, editor and publisher. See also Creative work for more information.

It Magazine

Denise van Outen interview (PDF 1.4MB, new window]

Interview: Denise van Outen
(actress and performer)

Saffron interview [PDF 3.18MB, new window]

Interview: Saffron
(lead singer of Republica)

Kezi Silverstone interview (PDF 2.0MB, new window)

Interview: Kezi Silverstone
(half-sister of Alicia Silverstone)

I Spy - spy gadgets (PDF 1.3MB, new window)

I Spy
(spy equipment)

Single Again (PDF 4.8MB, new window)

Single Again
(advice for singles)

Men's grooming (PDF 2.1M, new window)

Men's grooming
(product reviews)

Vibe Bar advert (PDF 6.2MB, new window)

Vibe Bar
(advert copy)

Single Living (see also Creative work)


Things That Grow - cover

Things That Grow (Wm Collins)
author & editor

Flight and Floating - cover

Flight and Floating (Wm Collins)
Co-author & editor

Grasslands & Prairies - cover

Grasslands & Prairies (Kingfisher)
Co-author & series editor

Rainforests - cover

Rainforests (Kingfisher)
Co-author & series editor

People & Places - cover

People & Places (Kingfisher)
Co-author & series editor

Ballet - cover

Ballet (Wm Collins)
Series editor


Saffron - photo and link to article [new window]

Progrès du Management
(translation and redesign of French brochure)